Collaboration with Non-Profits

Eric's Mobile Workshop is committed to putting resources towards improving our planet, and our communities. Read more about the ways that we've been involved below.

If you are interested in collaboration, please reach out:


EcoPrint is a local commercial printing business based in Alexandria, VA. They have been providing environmentally sustainable printing to the community since 1977. With over 40 years in the printing industry, Ecoprint has led the way to sustainable printing. From creating soy-based inks to using renewable energy credits, we are proving that the quality and focus doesn’t change from our client’s mission when printing eco-friendly.

In his work with EcoPrint, Eric provides no-cost bike repairs at EcoPrint events to raise money for environmental and community initiatives.

Left, Eric's Mobile Workshop provides no-cost bike repair and maintenance to visitors at an EcoPrint event.

Forest Planet

Forest Planet supports large scale, low cost-per-tree reforestation efforts all over the world. They help plant trees in regions where they have the greatest positive impact on the soil, the environment, local habitat, and communities in peril.

In his work with Forest Planet, Eric provides no-cost bike repairs at Forest Planet events. For each bike repaired, Forest Planet plants one tree in a place that needs it.